The idea of the project relays mainly on the requests of the client and it was an add up of things to combine the existing belongings, bringing more functionality to the space and the whole interior.

A pouf set was added around the main conference room, placed in the area where it can be separated from the formal part of the room and the idea of moving them in the room makes it more flexible.

Apart from the sitting area we used the void between the columns for designing the shelves as documents storage which also can be covered in a certain volume by a sliding door. Also, making the presentation walls more interesting it was thought of a led lighted color board, bringing the presentation set as a focal point of the room.

Whereas on the small conference room, the idea was to use quote decoration, to make the atmosphere more inspiring with the LED light coming out of words, enlarging the room together with the TV and the rotating white board.

Thus, the whole interior design was based on the white and blue color, the white was to make the room look pure and clean since the brand is all about “hygiene” and the blue to match the brand.