Business Clients

A GoPillar version dedicated to Architecture and Real Estate professionals!

Are you a Builder a Construction company, an Architectural firm or a Real Estate Agency in need for help with the design works? We have selected the best professionals in our designer community for you. Outsourcing the preliminary design or simply some resource has never been so easy and convenient!

How It Works?

Let us know what you need

Select the type of area you will be working on, and specially what type of work you will need to have done ega asiatech converted into AutoCAD a 3D render or an entire preliminary design.

Start building your contest

Describe your needs and upload any materials required to submit proposals to the contest (Pictures or sketches local State regulations, etc.).

Interact with our community!

Chat with our designers regarding what works best any changes in the project, or answer any questions they may have.

Evaluate your submissions and choose the one you like best

The best part is choosing which submission you like the most You get all the variety without any of the headache.

What are the advantages of offloading?

There are several advantages of offloading a part of or the entire design process:

Cut design time:

by involving other professionals in your process, you can cut design time significantly or manage more clients at the same time.

Expand your offering or address unexpected work

Client suddenly asking for something out of scope? Want to start a new service offering but need employees to fill the gap? Let our community pick up the slack at an affordable price.

Focus on the core

By relying on our community, you are unable to spend 100% of your time on the most important aspects of your job Rest sured that your auxiliary tasks are in good hands.

About Our Community

Two Brains are Better Than One or in this case 40,000. Let our community help you offer your clients the widest range of perspectives as possible Our community is made up of over 40,000 architects, engineers, landscape architects, and interior designers from over 90 different countries and due to the nature of our platform, only the best quality work will succeed in your contests. From specialists that can realize complex projects, to entry-level professionals you can rely on, our community will get the job done.

Browse our community's work below: