How It Works

One contest, one fee, dozens of projects.

Whether you need to renovate your space or build a new one, GoPillar can help you get the job done. Simply launch your design contest, set a deadline and receive dozens of high quality designs to choose among.

Pillar: faster, easier, better

From offline to online

Brian wants to renovate his space. He meets with a few designers and all he gets are expensive proposals that look all the same. Tired of wasting time, Brian decides to try GoPillar.

Simple as launching a contest

Excited, he logs in, follows the instructions and within minutes his renovation project is shared with over 50 thousands professional designers. All from the comfort of his living room.

One fee, dozens of projects

After a few days, Brian receives dozens of design projects realized by professional designers from all around the world. All he has to do is pick a winner and start renovating his space.

Step by step: all you need to know to renovate your space on GoPillar

Share your renovation project

Describe your project: needs, goals, dos, don’ts, references and so forth. More information means a better result.

Upload Pictures

Enrich your description with pictures of your place and benchmarks photos the designers can use for inspiration.

Launch the contest

Upon launch, your contest will be shared with over 50.000 designers ready to provide you dozens of amazing projects for your space.

Work with Interior Designers

Use the message board to answer the designers’ questions and keep them aligned to your expectations.

Review the design projects

Once the contest is over, you’ll gain access to all the projects submitted. Rank the projects based on uniqueness, feasibility, alignment and more.

Pick the winner

After evaluating the projects, confirm the ranking and pick the winner.

Renovate your Space

Finally, you’ll be given the winner’s contact information. All it’s left is start working with the winning designer and turn your project into reality.

What are the Benefits?

High Quality Projects

The projects are realized by professional architects and designers from all around the world.

Dozens of different options

Why settling with one project? With pillar you’ll receive dozens of different options so that you can choose the one that best fits your style.

Timing on your terms

On GoPillar, you decide the time. Set the deadline, launch your contest and see your dream turning into reality.