Saffron Residency, Mumbai
It is the project that defines the current trend of redevelopment in the city of Mumbai to the best. “Budget Housing” has become a word of contradicting importance to people and the Government.
Here, this is one of the examples of Budget housing designed to satisfy the requisite needs of the tenants, clients and also the building code of Mumbai.

Planning to be in phases, this project had a major constraint of height restriction of 50.38M being so close to the Mumbai Airport called the Aviation Restriction.
Like any other site in the dense city, this piece of land in Kurla had its own feasibility issues in terms of soil type, form and irregularity of the shape, linear dimensions, and massive requirements of facilities to be accommodated in.

Currently, the foundation has been laid, the pile shoring has been done and the construction has reached the second floor of Phase 1.
After two years of design development, the construction of the project started in early 2015.
Expected completion - Late 2018.