We tried to brighten up the room in order to make it as light and comfortable as possible. Thus included the possibility of opening the eastern wall trough windows or/and adding skylights (or enlarging the existent one). In this way it would take advantage of the view towards the garden and bring in more light while making the space seem larger by using the whole height. In order to take care of the echo effect we suggested some acoustic panels to be placed on the roof and wall. On the outside of the house there is a vertical accent so it would be architecturally honest to mark it somehow on the interior as well. Curtains and materials would also retain sound waves removing the echo. We did not want to lower the ceiling because it would retain the beauty of the space. Furthermore light colors were used and the furniture was grouped such way that the space can be crossed from all sides. Modular sofas and poufs are a good idea if the use of the space changes over time or in different situations and having 4 entrances ( + entrance in the kitchen) the space is always traveled. For instance furniture can be used differently during winter when access to garden isn't that much used or when having a party with many guests this place can be easy modified. We alternated tones varying from white greige to red- purple so that the reddish floor integrates well in the design while keeping a cozy feeling

Contemporary Living Room Design - Red Parquett Design

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