The starting design point was the functionality of the urban smokehouse restaurant. In order to fulfill the requirements for the capacity of the restaurant we decided to relocate the toilets and propose new position on the bar to achieve better communication between the kitchen and the bar. With the new setting, there is clear division between the kitchen area and the eating area so that the food is going directly to the bar. The toilets are divided with buffer zone from the eating area.

As far as the design approach, the chopping board is the main decorative element. We combine the light and the chopping board to create light and worm ceiling as well as interesting shadows created on the floor. The eating area is in symbiosis with the ceiling by the combination of natural materials and simple designed elements. The floor is made of wooden boards and Spanish tiles that are also part of the bar design. The new walls and covers of the columns are made of local brick so that creates, in combination with the existing neighbors building, a connection of spaces and atmospheres. The outdoor space is shaped by very few elements, simply designed chairs and tables and flexible industrial lamps.

As a final result we get a cool new place in Madrid for locals and tourists to have a relaxing time with smoked meet and beer.