Thank you very much for the interesting task. It was pleasure for me to design your restaurant and I hope my proposals meet your ideas.
For whole my practice I’ve been convinced that it’s necessary to explain to the client every functional or design decision. Even those who are really quallified, need to be told why something is just that way and why something is there.
In every public space, in particular restaurant, we have public. We need to provide convenient background and really good cuisine. There are some important things for comforting the clientele. We need:
- Accessible environment
- Easy services, so optimal functionality
- Visual contact
- Social contact
- If needed- asocial activities- TV or bar single place watching the passers- by
- Traceability of events - and that's why TV and is honorable place. Rather purely functional. Can put a gramophone too.

And that’s how, entering in the restaurant it’s easy to us to look where to place our orders, what to choose, where to sit down etc. We’re choosing a convenient place according to our social group- single places- to the bar in front of the windows; couples- to the bar in the middle; singles wanting to increase their company- middle bar with visual contact to the other side; “closed” companies- tables which could be placed one close to the other.
The beer on tap is another highlight, as I understand. So, certainly we will watch sports.
For the staff and the kitchen I provided a functional scheme with “clean”and “dirty stream”( I don’t know how do you call it in English, these are the dirty plates and cutleries and the plates just prepared). There is a staff wc with lockers and sink for dish washer.
Well, good luck to you and thanks again!

Best Customer Service ever 🙂

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