Hello, dear client. My design proposal is for a new building for the main Zerbini House. The perimeter is the same as the old one, as required. At this project I emphasize some keys points:
1. The flexibility of the ground floor and the area for use of an external audience and the supporting spaces for Zerbini house - two main commercial spaces facing the street; one office linked to a physiotherapy room and a small storage/laundry; a kitchen that could be used by the bakery or to be absolutely part of the Zerbini supporting housing structure;
2. The main entrance facing the street and a vertical communication with a lift for the upper levels and the rooftop terrace;
3. The roof terrace on the top of the third floor offering a beautiful sea view (the roof terrace on the top of the small building will not see the sea, as you shared at a comment that the sea view is from the second floor. Besides such a terrace (on the small building) would have a view on the windows of many rooms, so the privacy will be compromised). As mentioned to have up to 180 square meters and the second floor is less, so the remaining space is calculated to the terrace. I'm not sure for the local building regulations (does the staircase, lift and balconies are considered built-up area), so the usable area of the rooftop can vary. The rest is a beautiful green roof.
4. Variety of apartment units - studios, suites with a living room and a separate bedroom or a lux 2- bedroom apartment with a sea view. All of them except one have kitchenette and all of them have comfortable bathroom.

Zerbini House


Porto Garibaldi FE, Italy