Designing this apartment was a creative challenge to represent the unique personality of it's owners while focusing on practical, multifuncional and sustainable living solution for father and son for years to come.

Starting point was taking in consideration the owners needs on a daily basis and overall circumstances. In order to make a home that would fulfill specific area usage, audio requirements and space for a young boy fast growing up, the apartment is designed with separate private spaces for father and son with areas of common interest in between, connecting them.

Spacious living room is a place to manifest common interest in music and watching movies and to spend time together with family and friends. Moving the curtains around the living room it transforms into their own unique auditorium for playing instruments or private movie projection.

Adjacent to the living room is a cozy and peaceful film post production studio. Separating the studio from the living room gives the opportunity to use spaces independently and to meet high working requirements. Editing desk is positioned to face the big screen through movable window partitions. Depending on the need, they can be removed and the studio would become an extension of the living room or it can be enclosed with curtains for more privacy. During the night time, the studio is used as the father's bedroom.

Valo has it's own room separated from the living room by a fixed glass wall, letting a lot of natural light into space. On the apartment level there is a working desk and wardrobe. Climbing the stairs, there is his bed and net where he can climb and play. Curtain between Valo's room and living room can be pulled for more privacy or when having guests.

Removing the wall towards the hallway, the kitchen/dining area is made visually bigger, brighter and more opened, making it the second common area where father and son can enjoy making meals together.

Apartment spaces are created mostly with glass partition walls to let as much natural light as possible and to maintain the feel of the open floor plan. For that matter, all common areas have full ceiling height.

Designing this apartment to be transformable and multifuncional without compromising on the needs of a young family gives the opportunity of having the comfortable home they dreamed of.