The proposal is organized from a zoning of 3 areas: Kitchen, Living and Valo's bedroom. The structure of the organization is based on 4 fixed furniture that, designed as bookcases in a “mirror” solution, orients access to the 3 areas described above. The kitchen maintains the original furniture, this space is integrated into the living room through a sliding glass door that folds in its entirety. The living room is made up of 3 elements: in the background, the bed area - closet; in the central part the editing desk together with a comfortable couch, both of which face the area where the 120-inch screen is. The Valo Bedroom organizes a space for multiple use, where you can take tasks for games, study and to play musical instruments, the loft bed is located in the upper part, and is accessed through a wooden staircase, in the lower part two wardrobes are incorporated from the bed, one for Mom and one for Valo. The use of carpets is incorporated in the main spaces, and the maintenance of the flooring materials, the colors in the walls and the handling of carpets in the living room and bedroom is visualized.