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The concept of this house is to separate the house into two pavilions: (1) Living Pavilion, consists of an open space that integrates kitchen, dining and living room with a view towards an infinity and linear swimming pool facing the lake. This pavilion has a pitch roof and next to the entrance side of the building. (2) Sleeping Pavilion, consists of master suite and 2 bedrooms for children. This pavilion has a flat roof, and there is 1-bedroom apartment on the lower level below it (and this lower part is exposed so visually this pavilion is a two-storey building.

The two pavilions are divided by an outdoor living area / terrace deck with a flat skylight canopy, but at the same time also connected by a bright hallway that has linear skylight over it. This skylighted hallway is like separating the service area at the back from living and sleeping rooms. I relocate the swimming pool to the upper floor (but the construction is on the existing soil / ground; to give a more meaningful open space and to 'connect' the building and the lake (so it is like a transitional element of architecture and landscape). And looking at the existing contour levels, there is a deeper slope at that side that will be perfect to create an in-ground pool there (1.5 depth) and at the same time hiding the other part of basement behind it.

Below Living Pavilion, there are also rooms (fitness & wellness, spa, studio, cantina, service/utility room, etc), but all are buried behind the swimming pool, although there is a linear outdoor hallway in front of these 'semi-basement' rooms for service access and natural ventilation / a bit of natural lighting).

I hope this design and building concept will comply with the regulation and solve the design problem you previously encountered. All the best with your project! If you have any questions or interested in getting more details about my design, please let me know, I will be more than happy to share more with you.

Thank you!


Villa On Lake Como


Tremezzina, Province of Como, Italy

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