There were 2 concepts that are used for the solution of this project simplicity and function.

The simplicity is found in the fact that the structure of the building was modified as little as possible and all the unnecessary ornaments on the facade were eliminated to achieve a clean white volume which is soport with the first level as a base that is covered by wood. Most of the existing windows were respected and the new ones that were created were in accordance with the proposal already suggested by the client.

The roofs were perfectly adequate so solar panels can be placed. The terrace was kept with the same dimensions and was designed in a style that from the outside serves as a sculptural element on the façade and from the inside the verticality of the trees is imitated with a series of new and existing columns lined with wood.

Functionality is found in the readjustment of the internal spaces of the house, walls and rooms were organized so circulation inside was efficient and fluid, all spaces are represented with real-size furniture to have a better idea of ​​how each space works.

With the union of simplicity and functionality, a building was created that integrates elegantly into the natural landscape creating a dialogue between modern and the beauty.

It was a pleasure to have participated in this contest, I hope you like it , and if so it would be a pleasure to give it continuity, thank you.