Modern Country Villa

Urban installation. With the visual risk that placing 4 cloned villas on 4 lots in the close neighborhood brings, starting point was to design asymmetric shape that would after rotation provide different visual experience on the opposite sides of the street. That covers for both shape and material. Dynamic volume of the object hides ambient of the home as private zone, while its position and orientation on the site allows the envelope of the object to partially unveil segment of the inner structure and make it part of the urban ambient.

Concept. House constitutes of 4 reticulated boxes, functional segments for dining, living, sleeping and working. Every area operates in spatial capacity defined in the brief, functionally independent.

Ambient. With the request for country villa, starting point was to create spot that would represent central area. Therefore, the fireplace takes position in the middle, between living room, dining room and the kitchen. That makes warm, cozy space, visually connected and functional, directly oriented towards the street, which makes movement part of the interior ambient. On the other side, sleeping area remains private, while connected with green ambient in the backyard.

Interior experience. With main intention to make interesting visual impression in the interior space, construction elements are used to increase the effect of dynamic. Wooden roof construction is visible in the living and dining room and study, well lit from the outside, but in calmer spaces like kitchen, bedrooms and hallway, false ceiling keeps simplicity as asset. That way transition between these spaces becomes more effective and increases the effect of drawing nature inside the object.

Wood Wall Cladding. Drawing outdoor ambient inside continues with bringing external finish to the interior. Combination of wooden cladding and white wall increases contrast and glorifies visual impression. Beside wooden walls, wooden floor and wooden false ceiling visually support wooden roof construction.

Exterior spellbound. Only 15% of the entire lot area is covered by the object itself. That leaves 85% of greenery to dominate the environment. This sort of environment provides necessary privacy, but also allows users to articulate and enjoy. Therefore, pergola is set as home extension in the nature. Connected with the house by the path that leads from the living room, it represents real pleasure oasis.

A District Of Villas


Fiano Romano, Province of Rome, Italy

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