Project proposal consists of an elongated volume in which all the rooms overlook the porch and the garden and are served by a corridor on the back side. The internal height of the main rooms ranges from 2.70m to 4.00m. Ancillary space is configured as a semi-detached volume, with private entrance and overlooking the garden. The interior a false ceiling can be placed in order to have the required height of 2,40m and, subsequently, the false ceiling can be removed in order to have a higher space. Otherwise, the roof may be less inclined, having a height ranging from 2.10m to 2.40m.
The project complies with the distances, functions and surfaces required.
For the interior, I chose bright colors and wood in order to have bright spaces and a comfortable atmosphere. Furniture elements are simple and with a with a touch of vintage.

A District Of Villas


Fiano Romano, Province of Rome, Italy

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