Hello , we hope you and your family will have the best time to spend a home. We took care to design your house as a whole of warm and friendly spaces. We define the entrance of your residence as two separate entrances with a staircase leading up to the upper floor and a ladder leading up to your living space . There is no connection between the stairs leading up to the upper floor and the stairway of your living area. By creating vertical gaps at the entrance, we combined the entrance with daylight from the south, so that it can benefit from the light of the southern façade in your upper floor.We wanted to create a warm and RELAXING home atmosphere by carrying the vertical spaces on the first floor with the inner garden on the top floor for the second time .We solved your living room on the south and east fronts .We have combined your living space with large sliding doors. We designed your kitchen as comfortable and large. The fact that your kitchen is next to the garage allowed you to have an indirect relationship with the pantry we created in the garage.We've added your bathrooms to the north side of your house that doesn't have the sun .Each of your bedrooms has a balcony and all of your bedrooms benefit from sunlight. We got all the sketches of your house, and we got the animation.Before you started your project, we wanted you to see the real thing .You can download and watch your video from the link.

Villa Alessandra


81030 Casapesenna CE, Italy