Dear client,

All of your requests are fulfilled: the main entrance is on the south side, on the eastern side you have one large open space where you can enjoy one of the three main activities: relaxing, dining or cooking. The kitchen area can be separated with sliding door blinds as you requested. From that space you can directly access the garden and the swimming pool area. On the western side from the open garage you have a secondary entrance and access to the basement halfway up, where your friends can come without entering the ground floor area. Also, on this side are the windows from which the basement gets its light. In the basement you have all that you need for spending a great winter time in the coziness of the sofas next to the fireplace where you can chill and chat with your friends. On the first floor you have three big rooms with a large terrace that has an amazing view of the garden. On the west you have laundry room and a balcony where you can hang and dry your clothes.

Working on your project was exciting and challenging but with successful results as you can see in the project that I submitted. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards!

Villa Alessandra


81030 Casapesenna CE, Italy