Dear Client,
Firstly, thank you for sharing your project here. It’s been challenging and fun at the same time. the link below is a 360 degree virtual tour around living room and the kitchen.
Secondly, in the entry you can have wooden partitions to limit the sight to the living area. And there will be an entry closet and a mirror and a seat on the right.
Thirdly, based on the bearing walls that can’t be move the best solution is to keep the toilet where it is and extend a wooden partition to hide the bathroom door from the view. In this way you can easily extend the kitchen and change the position of dining area closer to the living room and have a larger kitchen as a result.
On the first floor the master bedroom has a walk in closet with glass wall in order not to make the space cramped. The study room can have a door with fences in front of it instead of a window. Therefore, it will be a great pleasure to enjoy the view of the yard.
Hope you enjoy



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