The main idea was to create as much space as possible. The stair itself was not a big problem as it can be shrunken essentially but the pathway ( circulation of people) still covers up a large space in the house. A good design would keep this circulation route as small as possible in such way that the space is up to its best use. Facing this premise the stair was kept in its almost initial size and place. In such way the space underneath it could be set to use - as it is best for storage, because the storage space in the house is pretty small. Additional staircase ideas have been placed upon a moodboard for further brainstorming. We envisioned a small entrance space for keys maybe coats at the entrance covered by a green wall, making the lounge area as cozy as possible. We recommend a modular plushy sofa/ maybe poufs in order to make a small home cinema possible. Take into consideration that small poufs or box-like furniture that can also be table-like, can be stored in the storage space underneath the stairs in such way that depending on the needs the space becomes more creative - larger sofa with no tables, small sofa and a larger table etc. The empty wall has been kept empty for projections while the table seating area is facing the window. The isle itself can also be used as a small studio/ workplace. Instead of a railing we suggested cables because they take up less space and create a sense of wholeness without further dividing the space.

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