First of all, we would like to thank You for this amazing opportunity. Second, we are eager to present our vision for the house of Your dreams.

Besides providing the best space – program set by Your requirements, we were dedicated to the idea of creating a truly unique home, inspired by the nature of the given location. The surroundings, and the flora present inspired us to create something sophisticated and sleek, but in context with the tradition of the place. The shape of the house ( two simple cuboids ), a quite modern and contemporary solution becomes a transcendent of the location itself ( a calm and peaceful area, settled at the outskirts of a deep forest ) through the careful selection of the envisioned materials. The rough stone pattern present in the base of the house, as well as the garage and garden areas, represents the structure of the hillside on which the object is located, while the fish-bone wooden pattern mimics the types of trees that surround it.


The basement is organized into four interconnected zones (the access, the garage, the utility zone, and the studio/guest-house ), of which every one of them can be treated as a place of its own. The access zone represents a gated patio leading three ways – to the garage, to the garden and the ground floor of the house, directly to the basement and elevator. The garage is situated on the south side of the lot, nearest to the existing street, has a four car capacity and, due to the sunken garden above, as well as the small interior garden dividing it from the studio/guest-house area, represents a pleasant place, with lots of natural light and ventilation. The basement area itself is divided into 2 zones – the utility zone consisted out of the required rooms ( the laboratory, the storage area and the laundry room ) and the required studio/ guest-room. The utility zone is situated near the elevator and the internal staircase leading to the ground floor, while the studio/guest-room has its own bathroom and entrance area, detached from the rest of the basement by a glass wall. Even though You asked for the room to be positioned on the ground floor, we wanted to maximize the potential of this place which is by nature transformable by giving it its own access zone. This way the studio / guest-room becomes a comfortable, secluded guest-house

The main entrance is located on the side, leading to an open space floor plan. The whole south side is reserved for large sliding glass doors leading to the shaded deck and sunken garden situated above the garage area of the house. The ground floor is consisted out of the open living / dining / kitchen zone, the entrance zone ( with staircases leading to the upper floor, as well as the basement area, the elevator required by the task ), a wardrobe and storage area, and the toilet zone.


The first floor, connected with the rest of the house through a stylish metal staircase, is consisted out of three rooms and two vast bathrooms, as required by the task itself. Both bathrooms have a shower, and a bathtub as well. The master bedroom is directly connected with the master bathroom, while the other one is easily accessible through the hall.


The roof is envisioned as a flat, concrete, adequately isolated surface, with a skylight above the staircase area, providing maximum light to the first floor hallway, and a zone dedicated to the installation of solar panels.

The garden is divided into three zones ( due to its position ) - a covered patio with a built in kitchen and grill, a sunken garden suitable for smaller plants with surrounding green spaces for larger trees, and a small backyard connected to the studio / guest-room area.


As stated above, our main goal was to create a solution which would become a transcendent of the feeling which the location itself depicts – a feeling of peace and serenity provided by the nature which surrounds the area. Therefore, we wanted to create an interior which would feel light and unique, but stylish at the same time. So, we chose white as our dominant color, with bursts of gray and brown ( present in the exterior materialization ), as well as hints of metal and glass.

We hope that You will enjoy our project as much as we enjoyed the task!

The Home Of Our Dreams


Malonno, Province Of Brescia, Italy