The House of Our Dreams
Having started with previously proposed drawings and brief that essentially supports given design, my thoughts went in direction of questioning functionality and level of used potential implemented into the final result. Therefore, here is quick overview of designing process that led to my suggestion for your perfect house:

1. AMAZING LOT / potential. This sort of terrain opens one façade towards breathtaking view, but also makes only one façade completely visible. That puts main accent on designing, shaping and materialization of frontal/ south eastern elevation as glimpse into the soul of the home itself.

2. CONCEPT. Strong linear composition of vertical and horizontal elements that visually define dynamic that transits into the interior organization and design practically rises from the hill and stands as house on the rock. As based on previously proposed solution, I would say that my design is product of cuts and add-ons made in order to produce visually dynamic exterior composition, modern and diverse, in correlation with interior organization and design. My remark would also include that in general I did hold on to gross floor area and shape points on critical places considering 5m distance from the border and 10m from the object.

3. ACCESS and PRIVACY. In order to create functional garage for 2 to 3 cars and enough technical space, yet to simultaneously elevate ground floor level to 6.30 and overcome height of 5m, I decided to keep the garage entrance as it is, but to join pedestrian access and create underground level that represents the only way to enter this house. By grouping similar areas I managed to produce separate area with sufficient storage space and access to the elevator that leads directly inside the house, yet by keeping just one staircase that leads from the garage to the ground floor terrace it has been provided limited access to private areas to only when garage is open and significant savings when it comes to interior space /since the additional interior staircase would require too much of a space considering the height of the basement/. Underground space organized this way doesn’t demand thermal insulation, so significant financial savings have been made as well.

4. FUNCTIONAL ORGANISATION. My main intention was to reduce corridors and produce wide living space areas, comfortable rooms and cozy bathrooms, open views and attractive, unconventional ambient. Even though I kept the overall organization, changes I have made provided good connectivity, bigger rooms with more potential for attractive interior design and contemporary exterior look, effective and adjusted with surroundings.

5. CONSTRUCTION. System is based on mass walls and pillars combined, but with enough space for additional shear walls if necessary. I would also point out that great height of the basement allows interventions such as additional reinforcements and strong beams.

Uploaded drawings and renders are product of these steps and represent my vision of house of your dreams. I sincerely hope you like it. Enjoy!