Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this contest for the remodeling of your flat. We understand that the property is large and comfortable with a prime location, and we aim to enhance its value through our proposal.
As a temporary flat that you plan to rent or sell, we aim to provide maximum flexibility to meet your current needs while also considering potential future uses. We believe that a home's design greatly impacts one's quality of life, and therefore, we put great emphasis on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, while also ensuring it is suitable for work, leisure, and social activities.
With regards to the bathroom, we suggest rebuilding the wall that houses the door to add 60cm in length. This will provide ample space for a comfortable vanity, as well as room for a washing machine and storage.
In the kitchen, we propose minimal changes, such as new furniture finishes, shelves, and curtains, while removing one angular furniture to allow the door to fully close. To improve the color scheme, we suggest painting the remaining furniture white and replacing the ornamental glass with frosted glass, to conceal the kitchen but still allow the passing of natural light. Additionally, we have removed one piece of furniture next to the glassed door to create more space for an extendable table.
All furniture options we suggest are modular, allowing for easy adaptation to different functions and easy integration in your future home. We chose the brand Ikea, for its affordability, and wide variety of options regarding module combinations and materials.
For the living and dining areas, we propose a table that can seat 6 to 12/14 people, suitable for both daily use and entertaining guests.To accommodate foldable chairs, we have added a storage unit with a mirror on top.
The sofa has no armrests, to acommodate more people, and has storaage space, to compensate for the existing furniture that we removed.
We added some extra lighting fixtures, to create different ambients.

Temporary Home


Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

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