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Thank you for the great opportunity. There’s a link below that you can have a virtual reality tour around the living space and your master bedroom of family 1 apartment.
And this is a virtual reality tour around the open space and your master bedroom of family 2 apartment.
Family 1 apartment
I designed the layout based on the efficiency of the space and I avoided wasting it. This layout is functional for both apartments. Both of them have the facilities needed for residents but apartment A has more options to make your life more pleasant.
Entrance: As you enter the apartment, the entrance is very welcoming with lots of closet for clothes and storage. Rather than that there’s a wooden wall separating this area from the open space and creates a filter. The loggia has converted into a beautiful atrium to make the area refreshing. And in the corner there’s a bench to seat on.
Living room: The living room is large enough for a huge L-shaped sectional, 2 armchairs and 2 poufs. on the wall, there’s an ethanol biofuel fireplace and on the next wall TV is installed with some shelves.
Dining room: Right next to the living room, dining area is situated. This is an ideal location as it is between the kitchen and the living area. There’s also a transparent wine cellar beside the dining area that is suitable for special occasions and make it easier to host parties.
Kitchen: This area has a central location of the house. As kitchen is the heart of the house. It is close to indoor dining, living room, sleeping area and also it has a direct access through a glass sliding door to the outdoor dining area and the barbecue. The flooring material of the kitchen is different from the rest of the house. As you asked for walls around the kitchen you can have transparent moveable walls around it to let you close it when you need to. But my recommendation is to keep it open to make the space look more open. The kitchen is equipped with stove, oven, microwave, fridge freezer, built in dishwasher, pantry and a sink. The island can seat up to 5 people and is spacious enough to be used for breakfast or a quick lunch or even simply a bar when your hosting guests.
Service areas
Guest/ nanny’s bathroom: There’s a small bathroom behind the wine cellar which can function as both nanny’s bathroom (with shower and its close proximity to her room) and the guest bathroom (in order to keep guests away from the sleeping area and also it’s close to the living room and dining.
Bathroom for girls: This bathroom is really close to girls’ rooms and they have shower bath tub and toilet bidet and sink.
Laundry: This place is like a hidden closet close to the nanny’s/ maid’s room and the sleeping area to be more practical.
Girls room
12-year-old girl room: As your older daughter is somehow a teenager now. I devoted the larger room to her. Besides, she has a direct access to the second terrace to let your daughter and her friends have an outdoor private space for girls talk. She also has a huge closet which is enough for clothes or storage.
7-year-old girls room: Your younger daughter has also a room with a large closet to avoid chaos in the room and keep things organized.
Nanny’s/maids room: Although this room is small, it’s totally practical for one person with closet and a bed with direct access to the terrace.
Master bedroom: When I first started designing the layout, I thought of the best location for the master bedroom to let you enjoy resting after a hectic life schedule. This room is a self-sufficient unit with all the facilities. You have a his/hers walk in closet. A dressing table with a pouf to let you have your time for beautification. There’s also a table to work (small home office). The bed has a central location in the bedroom which faces a TV for your favorite evening TV series. Behind the TV wall there’s a master bathroom with double sink. Rather than that, the sliding doors guide you to the terrace. The sun beds and chairs outside allow you to distant yourself from daily routines and have a morning coffee.
Outdoor spaces:
Outdoor dining/ barbecue: This area will be really a great place to host parties specially with direct access to the kitchen.

Family 2 apartment
This apartment is designed in a way to be minimal and at the same time practical for the people who are living in it. Minimalism in this case necessarily doesn’t mean to limit the facilities exactly the opposite, this unit has all the amenities needed for 2 adults.
Entrance: As you enter the house on your left there’s a bathroom which can be used both for the second bathroom and for the guests. Beside the bathroom there’s a small entry closet.
Kitchen: This area is equipped with an integrated fridge freezer, pantry, stove, an oven, a 45 cm wide dish washer and a sink. There’s also a small bar table for 2 to have a quick lunch or breakfast.
Dining room: The dining area is right next to the kitchen beside loggia2. On the right corner of the area is the boiler and on the opposite side is the laundry on its original place.
Living room: This area is located on the small open space of the apartment to allow the residents to have more freedom. And the TV set is right in front of it.
The sleeping area:
A room for the boy: This small room has all the essential pieces of furniture that an adult needs. A bed a desk and a linear closet to place the clothes or anything that needs to be stored.
A master bedroom: This small master bedroom has all it takes to make you feel comfortable. Firstly, through a sliding glass door you can access the terrace for sitting and relaxing. The room itself has a sleeping area with a queen sized bed facing a TV and a transparent glass closet to let you organize your space wisely. You have a dressing table and a full height mirror for beauty needs and also it can be used for work too. The bathroom is also located beside it with a sliding door with facilities such as toilet and bidet shower and a sink.

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