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We propose an interior design that has black and white furniture theme - contrast colors that creates a state of completion, combined with natural elements like concrete finishes, black metal finish, glass, wood walls / cladding, white painted ceiling, and a touch of natural indoor plants. We also mix the black and white color theme with yellow and blue elements, which combination will create a fresh interior look while keeping the formal and sophisticated modern office ambiance.

Note for coworking space layout: desks by the windows are for reserved seats / fixed. The face-to-face tables are flexible seats. Furniture is similar between reserved and flexible ones. For this area, there are cabinet shelving that provide spaces for storage and planter box (configurable, since the shelving structure has modules). But you can add additional small cabinets under the fixed seats/desks if desired - for office members that perhaps will need it, could be by request.

All floors have the same concept of color theme, material finishes, lighting and furniture. Corridor design and material finishes for first and second floors are quite typical. Please find furniture numbering on the plans and refer to the complete furniture list for further details.

Hope that our proposal will give you more inspirations in developing this accelerator project. All the best and thank you for the opportunity!

Stars & Cows Accelerator


Fiorano Modenese, Province of Modena, Italy

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