The main goal of this project is the splitting of a space of 172 mq in two flat, smaller and completely independent. Now the flat have three views and three balconies; it has two bathrooms, located in opposite sides of the house where there are the two draining pipe. So you get a first apartment of 75mq which maintains the original entrance and a second apartment of 96 mq. The entrance to the second apartment was obtained, as indicated by the customer, on the left wall. I used only laminate floors with wood finish and light walls.
In the first flat the goal is to make of every little space and place, where possible, full height wardrobes. Living area is designed as a an open space: there is the sofà that do as a dividing element between the kitchen and lounge area. On one wall we have the kitchen, on the opposite the larder and in the center a large island (if you prefer a table). The bookcase is designed with standard vertical and horizontal elements that can give rise to multiple solutions and that can change over time. The bathroom is only one but it has a large shower and confortable shelves. The sleeping area is served by a convenient hallway with a full height wardrobe; there are two bedrooms. The second flat, instead, is long, with three bedroom, two bathrooms, one utility room and living area. The kitchen is open to living room, but designed in such a way that it can be closed with more or less transparent sliding elements. The bathrooms are a good size, the first designed as bathroom of representation, the second, more functional with utility room with predispositions for washer and dryer and storage units. In all areas there is natural lighting and ventilation.