The project involves the division of the only apartment in two, as specific requirements of the client; the hierarchy of the apartments flows from different metric quantification: the surface of the "first apartment" is greater than 10 square meters compared to the "second", but in this the distribution of spaces is more advantageous .
In general for both it is realized a separation between input and living, in the first more traditional, with the possibility of libraries to the walls, while in the second a plasterboard wall having library functions, defines the space in a more lightweight - Annex "4rendering second entry app. " As a matter of both that from morphology and necessity, between the two apartments elapses a aisle that, properly handled and furnished - armchairs, cabinets, libraries - will not seem such.
First Apartment: entering we find a "wardrobe", and then continuing in the living room or to the sleeping area; in living it is preferred to have a separate and tailored kitchen; The sleeping area has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and several closets to border walls with the other apartment. The master bedroom is equipped with walk-in closet.
Second Apartment: access and separation library is frontally with the living room, where is allocated the kitchenette and dining area. The living room is allocated to the boundary wall with the first apartment; this choice stems from the desire to define the space as a livable and not as a service space. You can proceed from this room to the bedroom, where the corridor is also here provided with bookcases and cupboards and characterized by different movements that expand or compress the space; same applies to the master bedroom which together with the first bath, realizes a series of recesses designed to contain wardrobes and drawers.