Target of the project was to split a large apartment into two smaller ones.
As requested have been obtained an apartment (1) with three bedrooms and an apartment (2) with two bedrooms.
To optimize and characterize the spaces we have chosen to build some walls at 45 degrees.
In this way we obtain aesthetically pleasing and original architectural solutions.
In both apartments there are: a living room with open kitchen, two bathrooms (one of which is ventilated naturally in compliance with italian law) and a laundry area. In both apartments we have chosen to keep balconies in living areas.
We propose two different lay out for internal distribution (solution 1 and solution 2) ,both of them allow flexibility in the distribution of furniture and kitchen position.
We study in detail apartment 2 -solution 1 , with furnishing proposal.
The apartment is accessed through a convenient entry area with large closet for coats.
This area is made scenic from a inclined white-brick wall (see sketch).
The same white brick effect could be used on living room's tv-wall
The large living area includes an open kitchen , a dining area and a living area.
On the right side of the entrance we find a convenient laundry area that provides access to a large bathroom.
Above the entrance area and kitchen we propose a plasterboard countertop.
In living area we find a library to be built in plasterboard.
Complete the apartment two spacious bedrooms and a bathroom with corner-shower, illuminated by a window that takes natural light from the top of the boundary wall with the kitchen ,which will be in glass
The apartment 1 has three bedrooms. The sleeping area is divided into two parts. A large bedroom with walk-in closet (which is compatible with draining pipes could become a bathroom) will be at the right of the entrance; The other two bedrooms are in the sleeping area to the right of living, here will also be the bathrooms and the laundry.
Both apartments offer the possibility of different furniture design solutions.