I think that a home should be simple and comfortable. Everything should work well and the spaces must be wide and pleasuring.
So in the development of the project everything I wanted to do was to reach the maximum result with the least effort, in terms of works on the original walls. In fact I tried to create big and comfortable rooms in every apartment, in order to give the maximum flexibility and amenity for the future inhabitants.
For the bathrooms, I decided to create a step in the entrance of the night zones of the two houses, in order to can move the new bathrooms with easiness.
The Apartment A is the smallest one. With the nice diagonal cut I wanted to create an invite to the living room, useful also to hide the first bathroom. I wanted to split the night zone in two different places of the house, so everyone will have privacy and silence. The main bathroom is easily accessible from the entrance and the living room, the other one is located in the master bedroom, that is raised with one step to accommodate the plumbing with the right slope. The other bedroom is the same very large and could be perfect for a kid that could need a big desk to study.
The Apartment B is the biggest one. With the help of a little step in the night zone I was able to move the main bathroom near the living room. In this apartment we can find 3 double bedrooms, one of which with a private bathroom. It was possible also to create a small service room near the entrance, useful as a closet.