I really appreciated the theme of this competition, because the division of large apartments is a recurring theme. I also liked the reference images that you have connected to the project because they are in agreement with my projects and accomplishments.

The project followed a few basic guidelines, such as the maximum exploitation of the surface as much as the coziness of spaces.


The division between the two apartments is mostly linear, which allows to obtain a pleasant and rational spatial distribution.

The suggested solution is to set the apartment with three bedrooms (called apartment A) overlooking via Trionfale while the apartment with two bedrooms (apartment B) views the opposite side.

Double walls with a layer of sound insulation have been forecasted between the two flats, so as to avoid mutual interference.


The living rooms of both apartments are spacious and overlook directly the terraces.

All five bedrooms have a minimum area of 14 square meters, in order to accommodate two people according to the standards required by building regulations of the City of Rome for double rooms

They all have more or less the same area and therefore can be single or double, depending on your preference. This equivalent sizing also allows to interchange at will the furnishings of a room with another.

Kitchens are linear so as to be occasionally detached from the living area by closing them with folding doors that can be fixed at the sides when open.

No door posts are forecasted, so to save space and give a general tone of freshness to the house.

Closets are not inside the bedroom area but are always positioned in a recess in the space between the bathroom and the room. The configuration of the first room of the apartment A allows the creation of two independent closet rooms.

All bathrooms have a large space in which you can place at will shower or bath. Washbasins are between small wall separations and table tops can be made of masonry. I suggest a micro cement finish, that can be applied also on the floor and the shower for built-in solutions.

The existing walls have been maintained as much as possible to contain the overall costs of restructuring.


Each apartment has its own independent draining pipe without creating easements.


In order to obtain the necessary gradient for the exhaust piping (1.5%) some of the floor portions were raised; they are highlighted in this layout. As you can see, the steps are positioned so to have pleasant passages and spaces.


Access to the apartment A is from the new front door, positioned where required.

In sequence there are the first bedroom, which can also be a studio, the living room with dining area and open kitchen, the second bedroom with its own bathroom and the third room treated as a suite, with a hallway closet, bathroom and bedroom.

The living area is located next to the large terrace, so that everyone can enjoy.
The furniture distribution forecasts a large living area with a five seat corner big sofa and a large dining table parallel to the kitchen. The long inner wall is perfect to create a home theater, enjoyable by both areas.

The last bedroom can be disengaged with a sliding door from the hallway wardrobe that leads to the bathroom.

There is also a space dedicated to the washing machine (laundry) so as to not have to put it in one of the two bathrooms.


The apartment B entry corresponded to the existing entrance door

In sequence, there are the living room with dining area and kitchen in recess, closed by folding doors, and the two bedrooms.
The layout of the living area allows two sofa to be located, in order to perceive the largeness of the room . The clever triangular shape of the dining table permits to optimize the space.

The veranda has been removed so as to give the the most light to the living area. The existing bathroom has also been removed so the new kitchen can benefit from its natural light. The washing machine is built-in kitchen.

Only the second bathroom has a raised floor, because the piping of the first one can run inside the wall, so to have in the apartment a room and a bathroom with no obstacles for disabilities if temporary.


a careful search has been made among low cost Ikea products to choose those with the best value for money and of course best designed. They have been mixed with high design objects as Kartell pieces and at Maisons du Monde furniture,
whose production is inspired by historical pieces and timeless design.


The objective is freshness, comfort and beauty, giving a modern and contemporary look, with a nod to the design of the 50s, very glamorous, reminiscent of the golden age of Cinecitta in Rome, that everyone remembers with pleasure.


These three objectives have guided the choice of materials. Avoiding textile furnishings which are easily stained, we looked for robust and cleanable materials, so you can rent the apartments without having to worry.
Leather, leatherette, polypropylene, wood, metal, glass: a wide range of beautiful materials that allows a large variety of choices.


Ikea has much to teach about; their closets are really functional and their black sofa bed, as well as having an exceptional value for money, is comfortable and really pleasant seen in real life. Another tip: the two beds in the bedroom 1 can be coupled with appropriate hooks already in place to transform them into a double bed


We can have both. Each room has its own atmosphere and the furniture pieces are tastefully juxtaposed to get a likable environment, avoiding the monotony of a ready-made suit