Dear clients!

Several specifications to the project:

1. To my mind, the task has to be addressed in two stages: 1). Planning, division of the apartment. This is conditioned by the location of draining pipes. In the plans you can see all the options which are possible, in my opinion. It seems to me, it does not make sense to do 2 bathrooms in a two-bedroom apartment, but it's up to you to decide. 2). The design itself. There may be many various options but they all depend on the planning. I suggested one of them. I've made the visualization of a bedroom with a bathroom because that option is quite uncommon.

2. I suggest using glass partitions. In the apartment with two bedrooms it will allow to increase the amount of natural light in the living room. And in the apartment with 3 bedrooms it can visually "break" the long narrow corridor. Curtains of different density or opaque blinds can be used to create an intimate atmosphere in these rooms.

If you have any questions or suggestions I'll be happy to answer.

All the best!