Dear Client,
Thank you for the great opportunity. There’s a link below that you can have a virtual reality tour around the living space and your master bedroom of your parents apartment.
And this is a virtual reality tour around the open space and your master bedroom of your apartment.

Apartment A (parent’s apartment)
I designed the layout of this apartment based on separation of spaces in order to provide the privacy of each room as you mentioned in the briefing. Similarly the whole space is divided into two zones, sleeping and living. The first one is located in the furthest point from entrance. In this zone your parent’s huge master bedroom with walk- in closet and bathroom (including a sauna bath with a seat to comfort your parents) is situated. By the way, the amount of cabinet for clothes and any other needs is about 15 as you wished.
Right next to the master bedroom there would be a guest bedroom which has a huge linear closet that can be used for both clothes and storage needs.
The house keepers room in the nearest to service areas such as kitchen , laundry, dining, and even master bedroom to provide your needs where ever you are.
The main bathroom is located between living and sleeping zones to make the access from both areas easier.
In the living zone, the entrance has a good amount of space to add to the glamour of the classic style. The double door, entry closet and a small seat provides enough and more than that for your parent’s needs.
The kitchen is separated with glass doors and it opens to both entrance and TV area. The service elevator is in the kitchen to facilitate the process of grocery movement from downstairs. In kitchen if you wish for more privacy you can use smart glass that blurs after closing the door.
The TV area and the seating area is simply divided by the settlement of the furniture. This furniture layout helps you to make use of space efficiently and divide these two areas in a way not to block the view of terrace.
The dining area is detached as you wished and has also a linear cabinet that can be used for dishes or any other use that you desire. The middle cabinet has glass doors that placed wine glasses and wine bottles and functions as a small bar to host your guest properly while dining.

Apartment B (your apartment)
The layout of this apartment is designed based on your requests for the open space plan. The stairs are remodeled in a modern way to emphasize on your desired design style (contemporary)
When you enter your home. First there’s your entrance with the stairs and an opening in the front wall which leads to the entry closet and the guest bathroom and the laundry room which functions as both laundry and housekeeper room. There’s a folding bed and a separate bathroom for the house keeper. I tried my best to allocate most of the space to the living room and the kitchen area.
Kitchen has all the all the equipment that you want. Integrated fridge, integrated freezer, built in dish washer, oven, microwave, stove and sink. With enough cabinets to place all your utensils. The island has also enough cabinet and can be used for eating your meals as a family. In case you have guests there is a bigger table in terrace to dine outside right next to the barbecue.
The sleeping zone is located upstairs. The L shaped master bedroom is in the right corner of the plan. For your master bathroom I added a sky light to add the natural light to your bathroom as you requested. On the other side of the L, a huge walk in closet with separate his and hers closet is created. The glass doors of closet and bathroom make the room more coherent. Your son’s bedroom is right next to master bedroom with closet and other furniture that a 6 year old boy needs. The guest room/ home office is equipped with a sofa bed and closet and a desk to serve your needs perfectly. The bathroom is close to both rooms to make the access easier for them.
In apartment A the glass doors in the living area are enlarged. Similarly, in apartment B in upstairs I moved some of the glass doors and added small sky light windows for more light.
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Hope you enjoy.

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