I hope you'll like as much as I do, really, indeed. I also hope that everything is clearly visible.
I will just explain few details:

- Door entering the small hall of sleeping area /in your plan it is written like "DIS."/
is MOVED, slightly, for 40cm to the right, so move towards to the windows area.
It is not such a big deal to make it, and it is not so expensive, and if you already make some masonry works in the kitchen, than why not do this? You'll get more area for placing the TV set.

- Bathroom window is placed, to look to the entrance door, with milky glass, so it is not visible inside.
Bathroom plan> wash mashine is the bathroom, as placing it in verande will ruin whole your appartment.
At least I would not like to cook, while looking in the washing machine and dirty dress. Just my opinion.

- Washing machine > bathroom vs 10 points go to free veranda and washing within Bathroom!
You'll have clean and nice look near the kitchen and washing, where is the place for washing, in the bathroom.

The rest is pretty much clear, I guess...

I wish to enjoy while choosing your best design, and later builing it.


PS - Some of the renders are upload to sections, due to server upload limit, just for your info. That does not change anything...