Hi there, buongiorno.

I'm here today to introduce my take on your apartment.

From the beggining, the height of the ceiling posed a real challenge to the interior lighting, more specifically towards incorporating as much natural light as possible. Instead of trying to fight this problem, it was embraced: by putting together the current lighting situation and your taste for darker tones, I've envisioned an interior that makes the best use of it whenever possible, with lighter colors to help reflect the natural light from the outside. Where the natural light becomes less prominent, on the other hand, we incorporate darker, more classical tones, with beautifully and selected lighting fixtures to balance the interior.

This approach to the problem enabled me to design the interior with lots of natural lighting and yet a handful of darker tones scattered and present, on the background, throught the apartment. The minimalistic look seen the images attached exists so you can populate the apartment with your own personality, with your most beloved objects, and still keep it casual.

The entire list of furniture pieces and lighting fixtures can be found on this project, which includes some custom designed furniture to help take better advantage of the space provided. The entire project should be revised together so we can fine tune it better to your preferences and needs, and after that I can provide you with thorough extra technical drawings for the execution of the project.

Thank you very much for your time.