Respected Client, i hope that You like the project.

The idea was to create a flexible independent unit, that could be arranged in many different combinations, it's up to You, and the limitations and conditions of the location.
The unit is formed around the concept of accenting the natural environment with minimal impact on the landscape. Hence the material selection (there is couple different facade materials proposed: 1. subtle natural wood, 2. highly reflective panels that reflects the surrounding landscape therefore making the unit almost invisible, and 3. dark, rustic concrete panels ), and the proposal of the green roof (optional - formed out of special plant pots )
The interior of the unit itself is imagined as a modern, warm and cozy, focused on the sensation of the comfort for it's occupants. Large glass surface in the bedroom area allows for amazing views, and large amounts of light to enter the space. There is also a skylight in the wardrobe, and large horizontal window in the bathroom (positioned in such a way that doesn't allow for the views from the outside)
The patio is a nice extension of the bedroom, and it is imagined as a sort of a open living room, which can be covered with a light, collapsible, structure with fabric sheet.

Best regards.