The primary objective of the project is to think about the mode of aggregation of containers, trying to optimize interior space to devote to the bedrooms. To this we have been proposed two options, coupled with a container, stand one opposite to the other, and another combining all four containers on the long side. In both options it has been a focus on internal shape of the space, looking for solutions that could add architectural character to the bedroom.
From the constructive point of view, it is thought to buffer the basic frame of the container with concrete lightened prefabricated elements, having standard dimensions, and then subsequently coated with laths of wood. The coverage will be realized through a slab of prefabricated wooden panels: the top layer would be conceivable to form a green roof so as to increase the internal environmental comfort and improve the energy performance of the architectural element, or the use of solar panels for greater electricity savings. Inside partitions can be made with plaster board. The bathroom -so as represented in the second option- is made from a prefabricated block having its own structure. A common atrium with four bathrooms, will ensure the discharge of gray and black water.
As regards the materials, the interior design will be mde with the use of wood (parquest) in excluding the bathroom floor where will be presented geometric tiles. The interior space will be furnited by a few but functional and quality elements, to ensure a comfortable, agreeable and lovely environment.
We hope that you’ll enjoy our project proposal,
thank you and best regards.