Dear client, first of all, thank you for the opportunity!

Based on the resources you provided, we propose a functional Penthouse for your firm. Our main idea is to create double height spaces - where they are more special - through metalic/gypsum ceilings. With this only resource - the ceiling - we propose a bold and progressive image for your penthouse, which can allow you to receive and make public power statements through it. Materials and techniques are not definitive, so if you keep the space distribution, different - and maybe less expensive materials - will do the trick.

We divided the floor in two areas, with the apartment on the most privileged position. There is a corridor that allows you, using a key, to go from the spa to the apartment to the gym - without crossing public spaces. We added a sauna because there is enough room and it is a related use.

With best regards,

Ridi 2.0


81024 Maddaloni, Province of Caserta, Italy