Based on our design style and your request for a minimalist project, we are pleased to present our project;

Apartment 'Open Space'

Concrete combined with black color, where the modular sofa (Bonaldo) offers access to both sides of the living room (TV or / and Kitchen)
, with makes space bigger and you can change modular/form of sofa anytime. a light green along with plants, complete the living environment.

Along with the apartment, there is a separate entrance for SPA ZONE, the only space that is covered with warm lights, adapting to the destination. There are toilets, massages, SPA and
and sauna

Common area,

Space which serves for entertainment, rest, relax

All this, using giant TV (which also has a direct view from the fitness, playing playstation, watching shows, movies etc), table games(billiard, soccer table, tennis table), minimalist seats in the center which provide views
from all sides of the space, corner for snack and drinks, and sofa for guests.

The project was created by two architects, so even in renders you can find two forms of presentation,the same project but the style changes.

thank you

Ridi 2.0


81024 Maddaloni, Province of Caserta, Italy