Hello dear customer. We are happy to present you our design project. In it, we tried to take into account all your wishes, create a great residential and public areas where you will want to spend your time again and again.
Design concept:
After studying all the materials provided by you in the terms of reference, as well as the structural and architectural features of the building, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to place the SPA area in the place where communications are released. Thus, this solution allowed us to immediately choose a place for the master bedroom. The main design solution is a bathroom with transparent glazing. Thanks to the fact that you can conduct ventilation above the ceiling, as well as conduct an additional series of communications (through the corridor of the second floor and the kitchen of the first, if we understand your layout correctly), the bathroom will become a unique element of your design - dark plumbing, dark materials combined with lighting and slats - all this looks amazing. Then we get to a spacious kitchen-living room with an island, a large comfortable sofa and a spacious dining table. We left the entrance to the fitness room, considering it convenient. He sat at the dining table, isolated and at the same time freely accessible. The entrance to the Spa from the apartment is located to the left of the entrance to the bedroom. The Spa also has its own independent entrance.
In the lobby, we set up a play area, hanging the TV on a new wall. There will also be a bar, Billiards and a lot of recreation areas - both for a large company and for private conversations.
And the main distinguishing feature that unites different interiors of your premises, we consider LED walls with partitions, which can be highlighted in any color you like. This stunning element is located in the Spa and in the lobby.
We hope that you will like our ideas and want to learn more about them, our Studio will be happy to continue working with you!
Please ask any questions and thank you for your attention!

Ridi 2.0


81024 Maddaloni, Province of Caserta, Italy