In this proposal we seek to handle a clean minimalism. In the play room we take as a basis the shape and color of the elevator since it is a very imposing element in the space, so we use it as a sculptural element. The lines on the ceiling and the colors of the other elements are in sync with the elevator.

By enter the game room you find a sitting area, which has the appropriate dimensions for 8 people to be seated comfortably. Behind it we created not only a TV area but also a projection area which when is not in use the space is free for people to sit down to talk, read, eat etc.

We decided to include 2 game tables, one for ping pong and another for billiards with a sufficient area to be able to play freely, next to these tables we have a coffee break area which has an individual table and a bar to enjoy the games.

On one side of the play room we found the GYM which was kept in the same area, it was given a more comfortable access and the existing bathroom was enlarged by adding a shower.

The apartment has a large kitchen, living room and dining room, always with natural light, although the materials are simple together, they create a powerful minimalist environment which reflects the requested elegance. The bedroom is also large and has a private bathroom with tub, a large closet and natural light in all spaces.

Finally, the SPA area has a dressing area, sauna, shower, Jacuzzi and massage tables. All of the hydrosanitary facilities in the project are located on the lower left side of the plant, thus achieving savings in material and the final cost of the project.

I thank you for the opportunity of this contest, and if I am chosen the winner it will be a pleasure to give continuity to this project if you wish, thank you.

Ridi 2.0


81024 Maddaloni, Province of Caserta, Italy