This projects aims to create a whole concept of the Rezdora brand.
It has been analyzed the objectives of the franchise and the values that are most important to represent are the authentic, simple, natural, organic fresh food for which the materials chosen try to represent this vision, while proposing recycled wood pallets as main decoration. The use of wooden colors not only follow the identity brand development guide but combined with the warmth of the red brick stones create a welcoming space that combined with the traditional and passion of the food making transports you to the colors and flavors of the heart of Italy the Emilia environment, its origins and the passion for the food.
The combinations of colors are chosen according to the clients brand criteria, simple materials taking respecting the traditional means of Rezdora, but without forgetting the mondane contemporary fresh touch in the design that highlights details in red and yellow colors

Dimensions have been a crucial part of the project, since its a concept design, however a previous study was made trough the pasta-nova website, and the neighborhood in which the project was inserted helped to keep space considerations.
The client sent a couple of dwg to help designers to think about narrow and long rectangular areas , and so after a whole process of investigation it was decided to use the most common facade width founded in the historical neighborhoods, combining this information with the cad plans, it was clearly that the spaces will be longer than the 1000sq.ft requirement, and so a whole design was created thinking realistically in those spaces that will be probably longer as 30m length and narrow as 6-8m width, for which the cad presented fits the clients wish of 1000sq. ft. but at the same time thinks in the future possibilities of longer spaces and so keeps this principle in mind to create a welcoming space, knowing that it is very likely that the space will grow in length, and will host much more space not only for clients, but also to enlarge if needed spaces as preparation room and the pasta lab that for the moment aren't being required with specific dimensions.
The seats array are valued differently, there's a place for people in hurry the bar stools, and there's another spaces such as sofas made of palets that will catch the attention of another kind of clients that also will want a fast lunch but prefer the comfortable spaces to eat calmly after a rush day in company of coworkers or friends. And the tables made for 2-3 people which gives a basic but good area to eat with company. There are 45 seats, enough for many revenues without compromising the quality of the environment which is a crucial part when eating, people wants to eat comfortable in cozy spaces when possible, after all diversity is part of customer care.
Finally this is a concept design,and is create to mutate, and to be flexible to welcome and enlarge different spaces that fit with future researched possible spaces in the area, giving it a very realistic approach given the purpose and the timing of the project .

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