Dear Client,

The idea behind the design for Rezdora is based on the idea of imitating the experience of walking through the alley of Italian cities where one can find many different kind of merchants from the one that sell fresh ingredients to restaurants that cook them and serve it in a romantic dinner.

But what if both of them could be in one alley? Where someone could buy fresh ingredients and then immediately savour it. This idea is in line with Rezdora’s idea of making fresh pasta from scratch.

The plan is divided into three sections, the vendors, the alley, and the restaurant. The vendor side uses brighter shade of the rustic material to give off the vibrant feeling of vegetable/fruit stall. It use faded white washed brick wall, corrugated metal wall panel, cement tiles and wood plank.

The floor of alley side is paved with stone.

And the restaurant side uses a more somber shade of the rustic material to give off the warm feeling of a romantic restaurant. The wall is decorated with window shutters to create a feeling of being in a terrace/alley. The decision of the material selection is based on the authenticity of the look, durability and easiness of cleaning/maintenance.

There are only two commercial furniture, they are Thonet chair and Thonet stool. The other furniture are built-in, custom-made furniture.

To achieve the warm feeling, the lighting mostly use pendant lights to create a more focused and intimate light, while at the display area the lighting use spotlight to highlight the objects. and at the general area, the lighting use downlight or general purpose lighting.

You can find a video presentation here.