Having in mind that Rezdora restaurants may be located in various settings and variable sizes, we have created a universal layout that is easily applicable to different locations, regardless of the width and depth of the space. For the 3D view that accompanies the main plan, we have adopted a location with smaller entrance and moderate depth, so that all elements are conceivable.
Elements can be easily replicated/scaled in case of a larger space, as well as shrinked in case of a smaller space, because they have small dimensions and simple and replicable design. Please take a look at some of the possible variations that show how this layout is adaptable to various restaurant sizes, while maintaining the same base. (Floor plan solution depending on restaurant size)

Whatever setting they’re in, all Rezdora restaurants will share the same core values:

Simple & Practical

Each restaurant will have the same simple ordering/eating/to go approach, as shown in Floor plan layout. Regardless of the location, the first thing that customers (and soon-to-be customers) see from the street/entrance is the custom made machine that shows the magic of making pasta from fresh, organic ingredients.

Entrance is intentionally indented a little bit, so that the window area is increased, pasta lab angle is open and the state-of-the-art machine is put in focus. There are also several pasta cookers near the entrance, where employees draw attention and entertain by working with the pasta machine. Entrance door is divided into several squares and rectangles by mixing various materials (please take a look at 3D picture of entrance). This, in combination with just a few people waiting in line inside, creates an illusion of a crowded place. In order to make room for more people waiting in line, entrance door is located in the right corner (please take a look at Floor plan).

To go table is located next to the cashier - besides for the practical reasons, while walking to the to go table, customers can witness the whole process of making excellent, from scratch pasta. To go table is symbolically placed on wheels, which hints at movement and quick take a ways, which aligns well with the Rezdora’s goal to achieve high turnover.
Next, there is a queue and a counter where people order food. On the right side, there is stool seating designed in a way that allows easy movement of customers waiting for their food. Place for solo diners is located across the to go zone in the central part of the restaurant, in a cozy and natural surrounding. Thanks to the warm and cozy atmosphere where pasta is made in a traditional way, no one feels alone, which makes this restaurant an excellent choice for solo diners.

The last part of the restaurant has a few tables for groups of friends or family, that are tuck away further from the entrance. Sitting parts (please take a look at Floor plan) of the restaurant are especially convenient for adjustments depending on the restaurant size and setting - it can be larger with more tables, for places like highways or smaller with less tables (or none), for urban settings. (Take a look at Floor plan solution depending on restaurant size)

Natural & Warm

When it comes to making warm and welcoming atmosphere, hardly any material can beat wood. This is why we have made this practical, affordable and great looking material predominant in the interior. Additionally, there are a lot of plants, yellow colored lights and bricks that contribute to the natural feel. Even the decoration is made of natural materials - intersected wooden sticks at the door subtly hint at the shape and color of spaghetti. Similarly, shape of stools also reminds of spaghetti.

Traditional & Authentic

The whole process of making pasta is visible at all times. Walls are decorated with traditional utensils, as well as paper menus. In the window and inside the restaurant there are traditional pasta machines.

Environmentally friendly

In addition to providing a warm feel and making maintenance easier and more affordable, all of the chosen materials are recyclable, as well. Knowing that everything inside is natural - from the food they eat to the chairs on which they sit, customers can have a complete peace of mind while enjoying fresh pasta, just the way it should be. Restaurant was designed for all people and has an accessible toilet for people with disabilities.