Rezdora - fresh pasta fast food chain restaurant, cozy welcoming ambient with warm light and wood-centric interior design.
The facade is devided in two parts: huge window through which you can see THE PASTA LAB - the process of fresh pasta making and the wood entrance where you can sit on a little bench waiting for your take-away order. This "wood shelter" part can protect you from the rain and invites you into the cozy space. While entering you can see all the preparation process from hand-making pasta till cooking it and adding the sauces.
The main space devided into waiting and dinning areas by green-herb-wall at the entrance and the fork-lamp installation at the centre of restaurant.
Usage of natural colours of Brand identity guide-line make the interior more hospitable. Choosing to work with raw materials as wood and cement reminds you industrial spirit of NY and at the same time traditions of making fresh pasta.