New York is a City that reveals itself behind the facades which makes some places amazing and special. Rezdora’s façade reveals some important elements that suggest its strong belief in the art of making authentic pasta, blending modern times with touches of the past, with a taste of traditional Italy. One of them is the pasta machine (which is also used in the process), being the focal point of the façade. This important feature is also integrated in the next element that makes Rezdora such a special place, the island where your pasta follows several steps until it reaches your plate. Going around this island you could actually see how pasta is made, being able to choose your favorite between a multitude of options. We preserved a special part for takeover which is the closest to the entrance. We thought that the shape of the preparation island is best when it comes to both space and circulation efficiency, creating a special dynamic of the place and avoiding the feel of an overcrowded place. All of this is followed by the dining space, equipped with both stools and tables. Also, this space has some special features that makes the eating experience private and enjoyable, using the elements that we designed to separate the tables. They are meant to offer a certain degree of privacy but, at the same time, they have a bit of transparency, using plenty of herbs which, of course, are not just for the sake of decoration.