The proposal follows the idea to be modular in agreement with the different scenario.
The project is divided in two areas, the "counter area" and the "dining area".
The counter area follows the division in Stations proposed from the clients. The counter is projected considering the time useful to complete different food-actions.
In the entrance, there is not furniture to guarantee customers movement.
Through the window is possible to see all pasta process in order to invite people from the street to enter in the restaurant.
In the dining room, tables are places close to the sidewalls. In the case of smaller location, it is possible to consider the proposal without the central square table, without losing function.
The colors proposed in the concept are bright. Considering the typology of the NY locals, in fact, the use of light colors can improve the feeling of a bigger space for the client. The choice of yellow wallpaper is in agreement with brand color, and the proposal of old tiles texture is to remember older Italians houses from the south. The choice of marble tiles is to replace the use of marble top used to work the pastry in the tradition. The usage of bright color, moreover, help to give the feeling of a clean restaurant.
To personalize the space, important is the use of industrial and ceramic ceiling lamps. To remember the idea of โ€œpastaโ€ laboratory, important is the use of industrial metal lamps. However, according with innovative vision of the tradition, significant is the use of ceramic lamps. The wood table and counter are in agreement with the use of natural materials propose to the brand, and help to feel warmer the room.

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