At the beginning of my design process I started from the name ‘Rezdora’. As you explained the
Rezdora is the engine of a typical house in Emilia, the heart of the northern Italy. She grows kids,
nephews and she always does one thing very well: fresh pasta. For you it is important to show the
taste of something just made along with the love and passion that Rezdora puts in making it.

For this reason I wanted to create a warm, welcoming and domestic interior. In other words: a place
where it feels like home. To create this atmosphere I used some warm elements such as wood and
nice chairs. I also used the ‘Rezdora colors’ yellow, red and green.

With the combination of finishes like the oak timber floor, the mosaic tiles, the colorful and wooden
furniture and some plants, there is a tiny hint of Italy.

Furthermore I used white walls to keep the interior light, welcoming and easy accessible by
everyone. The white color also refers to the healthy and fresh recipes/ kitchen. (Industrial buildings
often consist of brick walls, but they can be easily paint in white)

This design is replicable in retail and high traffic but also in other locations with a larger or smaller
surface area. If you need more inspiration to use the same design elements, you can always look at
the board with textures and materials. There are plenty of examples of how furniture, textures and
materials can be combined.

Kind regards,