The proposal that I have designed consists mainly of creating a screen in white metal profiles that serves to separate the spaces and at the same time generate a decorative element that is a backdrop for the dining room.
The steps of the staircase are cantilevered, this so that the visual perception of the staircase looks lighter and so that the circulation does not look too narrow. I have covered a wall with a mirror to give the feeling that the space occupied by the ladder is much larger, it also gives the idea that the steps are levitating.
The radiator was hidden, by creating a new wall.
For the furniture, I propose to paint the table in a gray color and buy the Ikea Leifarne chairs that are easy to clean and 2 Havsta furniture also from Ikea that is simple, modern and has enough space to store dishes or other objects.
As a second option, at the customer's discretion, the wall can be left without placing the mirror. The advantage of using the mirror is that you can capture all the light from the ground floor and direct it to the basement.