1. Designing concept is to revitalize the building with the nature and the surroundings, for this design the main objective was to respect the site boundary & footprint of it. So the form was developed from the old footprint, two entries are defined for this site, one is for the guests and another one is the main entry for the car & the main household.
2. From the main entry one can approach to the citrus garden, pool area and can use main staircase for the vertical transition. And from the side entry guests can approach to the guest rooms or the alternative staircase at the left side will lead them to the guest rooms of the upper floor, although the rooms are designed for separate use but they can connect with each other at the time of need.
3. Facade has been modulated with the help of louvers, ribbon windows, wooden textured wall tiles & bands at the top. Every element of the facade has its own importance like ribbon windows are giving continuity and flow to the building and on other hand louvers are giving a privacy but with proper one side visual connection. As the person sitting inside can feel the realm of the outside. Wooden textured tiles are helping in breaking the monotony of the white building block.
4. Requirements have been completely full filled as per the client’s need, at the garden we have provided citrus trees but with the combination of shrubs, which will create a fragrance to attract bees and butterflies. And it will help the citrus trees for growing with the flower & fruits.
At last if client wants more support and more detailed drawings, we are there after the competition also. Thank you for giving us such a nice opportunity.