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To obtain a more rectangular and linear-shape building and create a more efficient configuration of rooms that can accommodate the style and flows that you require, we propose a design scheme that has main entrance (for the owner) and vehicle area at the left side of the house, and locate the b&b guest entrance in the middle, without sacrificing the flows and connection between the rooms, and keep the privacy between 2 functions (owner's area and b&b zone).

By moving the main entrance and temporary carport (for 2 small cars), we can create a more private and tranquil citrus garden, while keeping the circulation flows as is, and create better room arrangement for the b&b rooms on ground floor (they can have proper windows, views, and lights). This kind of placement also create a stronger linear rectangular elements and modern clean look design on the building facades, as well as the interior (can be seen in details in the elevation and 3D perspective drawings). The concept is to reduce / eliminate the cluttering 'corners' or irregular shape / angles of the site by masking it with linearity and create perpendicular or more-than-90 degree corner in the rooms as much as possible - so the rooms would be more functional and easier to furnish.

There is one staircase that connects all levels in an effective way, that can be divided into 2 levels of privacy: b&b zone from ground floor to first floor, and private owner's area from 2nd floor to 1st floor. Each B&B room has its own bathroom, and if needed can be connected by adding a connecting door between a pair of rooms, or just seal the entry part of the b&b room corridor with an additional door that can be open or close flexibly - depends on how the groups of guests are occupying the rooms.

The rest of the house follows your initial requirements, e.g. bedrooms and master bedrooms on the 2nd floor and living kitchen dining study area on the 1st floor, with main views towards the tranquil citrus garden.

Thank you for this challenging and amazing contest, hope that our design proposal will give you more ideas. We wish you all the best with this project, thank you.

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