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The aim was to resolve housing and rental spaces in a way that preserves everyone's privacy, while ensuring that all spaces are equally comfortable.
The staircase and the elevator are placed on the back of the plot, against neighboring buildings, freeing the façade to seek light in all the spaces. A staircase with a width of 80cm and a pneumatic vacuum lift suggested by you were considered. We find that there are models with a rectangular shape, but in any case, the largest model with a circular section fits in that space, which allows access with a wheelchair.
On the ground floor, a space is reserved for the existing store, respecting the same square meters that it currently has. A service area is incorporated to the store, with a deposit, kitchenette and toile. On Via Giacomo Denaro is the access to the apartments, at the closest point to the beach. The street-level façade is made up of glass and metal, forming a continuous base for the building. Through the door of Via Giacomo Denaro, one enters a hall with the staircase and elevator to the upper floors, and a service space with sliding panels, where beach items can be stored and the buried water tank is accessed. This space has natural lighting, through a U-glass front, which bathes the entire hall in light.
On the first floor are the rooms for rent. In the halway of this level, the stairwell is privatized by means of a locked door, that is, the tenants cannot continue going up to the upper floors, only the owners. The same goes for the elevator: we propose to use a magnetic key system to control the elevator stops on the upper floors. Without the key, the elevator only stops at floor 1.
Both rooms for rent have a bedroom space with a Queen Size bed, and a balcony with a table and two chairs, where you can go out for breakfast in the summer. Adjacent to the bedroom, there is a service space with a wardrobe and a kitchenette, equiped with a mini fridge, a microwave, an electric kettle, preparation and storage space and a sink, and from which there is access to a private bathroom with natural lighting and ventilation. Both bedrooms open onto Via Giacomo Denaro to provide a sea view from the balcony, which increases the commercial appeal and possibly the rental price.
On the second floor, the home of the owners begins to be developed, with controlled access, as explained above, to protect their privacy. Integrated into the hallway, there is a study and lounge room, which functions as a reception área, and as a transition to the private bedroom. In this place it is possible to receive formal or business visits, without compromising the privacy of the owners. For this reason, a bathroom accessible from the hall is proposed, however, an additional door could be added and converted into an en-suite bathroom. The bedroom faces Viale Vittorio Emanuele II, away from the noise of the bars on Via Giacomo Denaro, and to the southeast, resulting in a very bright space. The bed is resolved in the form of an island, so that upon entering, a dressing room space is generated as a prelude to the bedroom. The dimensions are comfortable, allowing additional furniture to be incorporated, such as a vanity and a bench to sit on. This room also has its own balcony.
We propose a flat roof, which can be resolved in a light structure, with a slight slope for drainage. On this level there is a small machine room, which contains the heating and cooling systems, accessible from inside the house by means of a marine staircase. From this room you can also access the roof where the photovoltaic panels are located.
The project contemplates the possibility of not completely demolishing the existing building. The structure and exterior walls could be maintained, with minimal demolition to accommodate the proposed new windows. The new mezzanines and the roof would then be resolved with lightweight construction systems so as not to compromise the existing structure, such as metal profiles, wood, or the Steel Frame system. In case of opting for total demolition, the new building could be completely resolved in reinforced concrete and thermo-efficient brick. In either case, we suggest the advice of a structural engineer.
In all the openings of the building, but fundamentally in the upper level, we suggest using double glass with an air chamber (DVH), which has thermal and sound insulation, in turn we propose the placement of roller blinds, which allow controlling the sun.

"reconstruction House Near The Sea"


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