The project seeks to take advantage of each space of the building in order to create greater functionality.

On the ground floor the commercial area was placed as it was with a steel curtain, at the back of it the warehouse was placed and in this the bathroom and the water tank. On the other hand we have access to the living area and once inside we have a storage area for beach things or things in general, we also have the elevator which is proposed as exclusive use for the owners in order to access all the floors without visitors being able to do the same, although if necessary you can put a lock on floors two and three so that visitors can also use it, there is also the spiral staircase that takes you to the first floor which can be used by both owners and visitors.

On the first floor we have the BYB area which is made up of two double rooms with their own bathroom and balconies, in addition there is the spiral staircase which will be for the exclusive use of the owners as it has a glass door that will prevent anyone can go up to the second and third floors, it should be noted that to increase the space of the house this staircase was made as a balcony to take advantage of the space.

On the second floor we have a good size room with its own bathroom and access to balconies, as well as a double room with balconies, this floor will be for the exclusive use of the owners and therefore, as mentioned before, only they will be able to access it. It should be noted that the room has a fireplace which connects to the fireplace on the third floor in order to have a fireplace on both floors.

On the third floor there is the kitchen with a breakfast bar, a sofa bed with a view of the fireplace and the bathroom which has a sink and a washer/dryer, outside we have the terrace which has an outdoor dining room and a living room. spacious.

The style that arises is a style consistent with the historic area.

For the strategies, it is proposed to have vegetation in the area of ​​the stairs to muffle the sound but allow light to enter, it is proposed that all the crystals be acoustic laminated glass, if possible double and with an air chamber, in addition to using in the mineral wool walls to dampen outside noise.

"reconstruction House Near The Sea"


89011 Bagnara Calabra, Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, Italy